Embarking on a new venture in the cryptocurrency world can be both exciting and overwhelming. When I started mining TapSwaps on May 23rd, I quickly realized that I was already behind many seasoned crypto users and tappers. As someone who likes to stay ahead of the curve, I knew I had to act fast to maximize my potential earnings.

The buzz around TapSwap’s potential launch on May 30th, 2023, added to the urgency. Although it was still speculative, I didn’t want to invest time and effort in tapping without a clear understanding of the potential rewards. I needed to know if my time would be well spent. That’s when I turned to ChatGPT for help. Learn how I use ChatGpt to know how much I will tap in 7 days.

The Need for a Plan

With so much uncertainty, I decided to leverage ChatGPT to get a precise calculation of how many taps I could achieve in 7 days. This would help me determine if my efforts would yield significant returns or if I needed to adjust my strategy.

Step-by-Step Calculation with ChatGPT

To make an accurate calculation, I needed to start with some basic information:

  1. My tapping rate: I tap at a rate of 5 taps per second.
  2. Duration: I wanted to calculate the total taps over 7 days.


Here’s how I used ChatGPT to calculate my potential taps:


1. Determine the number of seconds in a day:

24 hours×60 minutes/hour×
60 seconds/minute=86,400 


2. Calculate the number of seconds in 7 days:

86,400 seconds/day×7 days=604,800 seconds


3. Calculate the total taps in 7 days:

Total Taps=Taps per Second×Total Seconds in 7 Days
Total Taps=5×604,800=3,024,000!
I could reach 3 million in 7 days tapping at the rate of 5 taps per second!


Why This Matters

Understanding the potential outcomes of my tapping efforts helped me make informed decisions about how to allocate my time and resources. With the potential launch of TapSwap around the corner, having a solid grasp of my tapping capacity meant that I could optimize my strategy and stay competitive.



Using ChatGPT to calculate my potential taps was a smart move. It provided me with the clarity and confidence I needed to continue tapping with purpose. Whether you’re new to TapSwap or a seasoned tapper, having a clear understanding of your tapping potential can make a significant difference in your strategy and outcomes.

So, if you’re unsure about the value of your tapping efforts, don’t hesitate to use tools like ChatGPT to get precise calculations. It might just be the boost you need to tap your way to success!